Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Do You Have a Choice? (part 1)

No, you don't. That would be the quick and simple answer to the question posed in the title of this blog post. This is only part one of what, I hope, will become a series of insights into how our choices are limited and there's only an illusion of variety.

Ironically, this is not a long post because I want to go watch the new Pirates of the Caribbean. I need to get my (soon, probably) government-sanctioned dose of mind-numbing entertainment.

But, let's touch on films, shall we? Do you remember the last time you thought "Wow, that movie was great. I loved the dialogue and plot development!" ? Neither do I. Movies have become a generic product. They are consumed and forgotten almost as quickly as they are produced.

Can you name all the movies in 2010? No, because most of them were crap. There is a plethora of romantic comedies starting off with hate and ending with ever-lasting love. There are too many action films outlining some form of threat to our planet. How convenient to start mass-producing apocalyptic movies so close to 2012. There's also half-assed Disney attempts to make a film; that's why they bought Pixar, so they can own a company that knows how to make a movie.

Sadly, I can't write more right now and I would like to update this blog on a daily basis. Therefore, I understand that some trade-offs have to be made. You'll probably figure those trade-offs out. Part 2 should come tomorrow (and with it, perhaps, a more detailed view of how films brainwash us to do what the government wants us to do).


  1. Looking forward to part 2, the movie industry is strange now a days.

  2. Yeah you are right its only an illusion of variety. Manipulated by the powers that be from our birth to our final days. Great post.

  3. I wish they never made sequels for the POTC movies.
    The first was BRILLIANT!
    The rest were so complicated. :(

  4. I think that what you're saying only really applies to hollywood. There are some great films being produced in other countries!

  5. you dont see films like Taxi Driver or the The Seventh Seal anymore. The slow camera movements and plot developments were more directed toward a patient audience. Now its cut scenes and explosions every five seconds. Plus, I enjoy the older feel of film, I feel a visceral response to the color of it. Now its just too sugary and hyper, appealing to a new generation.